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Creation History
              In the basic of a history of creating blondes movement lays the story of beautiful blonde fairy.
A girl who could make us to smile and believe that dreams comes true just with a whisk of her wing. She was living far away, watching us from height and smiling!
We were came in 14th century when were appeared a girls with big moony stone.
They known and could much as another terrestrial residents.
After scary prosecutions we were forced to keep silence, to save our self, to hide for a long time, to hide our wings while dont come a better and light times.
For serial time, lour from their clinking Cedars in the valley of the roses they were decided to keep themselves and to be together with the girls who know how grow the roses!
They become blonde, beautiful with long feet and light souls!
But most interesting is that they knowing each other and united so much beauty with blonde hair and light souls that on the Earth the sun were more!
Talented smart stable believed in good-blondes united themselves and decided together to save our planet, our home because we know how to do it.
Out slogan are We will make our world a cleaner?
What means to have light blonde hair?
Blondes hair-this is just not sunlight over their heads and smiling eyes and devils in them.
Blonde a lifestyle and way of thinking. This is the state of your soul.
Maybe too long to wash your hair in different shades but:
-to remember where is right and left
-not late for a meeting
-do not forget your phone at home, then go back and do not forget the glasses
-do not wrong the address or even the way were are you going
-to remember how much money is left on your credit card
-and to remember the code of this card, horror
-Write it the code in the phone-and to forget how you write it
-not to lose the parking talon for mole
-find lipstick in your bag keys pen chewing gum when it needs
Here is your colored hair and you know your case is that?
So you are Blonde!
We live by its rules.
We always are in good mood and we can love and care.
But we can cry to suffer and to forgive.
We are white funny tender dream of every self respecting a man Viking.
Joins us together we will be together always.
Blondes form all countries league!
Grouping makes the blonde power.