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Blondes Ball - . Plovdiv 


1. King brilliance and luxury are impressed in the shine crown, Laid on the blond hair of The most kingest blonde.
2. The Blonde's heart is big and carefuly. It is readi for gratuitous defence of every fair cause and to support people who need "THe most charitable blonde"
3. What is the resemblance between UFO and smart blonde? All the time you listen about them, But noone has seen them. The refutation for this assertion is the bearer of prize Blonde-doctor
4. Under the beautiful blonde hair is hidden brain, resourceful, business accuracy and professional skills, The proof - The most seccessfull blonde in politics
5. One blonde have benn ordered pizza. The waiter asks does he to split the pizza in 6 or 12 pieces. The Blonde: 6 of course. I couldn't be able to eat 12. But we have proof that the blondes are good in the calculation and they successfully are orientated in tha labytinth of numbers - Blonde-financier.
6. Accuracy mind, clear speech and social position are the characteristics of Blonde-journalist
7. The heart of blonde is tender, But she can stay infront of tones concrete and create collosal buildings - Blonde builder
8. Blonde in chocolate
9. Blonde in soul - brunette
10. The next blonde proof that vission in the music entertainment is with big matter but talent is main factor for success in it. We introduce you Blonde with chorus
11. The blondes have own philosophy. For blondes have been writen and seen so much. The connoisseur of this philosophy is Man who knows the most jokes for blondes
12. The fasion is beauty, exquisiteness and art which inspire talent designers - Blonde designer
14. Blonde tourist


Blondes Ball - Sofia 

19:00 h.

Handing awards "Diamond Butterfly" in next categories:

"The kingest blonde", "The most charitable blonde", "The most successfull blond in the politics", "Blonde financier", "Blondes 2 in 1", "Blonde Builder""Blonde in chocolate", "Blonde with chorus", "Bla-Bla-Bla-Blonde", "Man who knows the most jokes for blondes", "Man designer - with blond hair", "Blonde doctor", "Mini Blonde of Bulgaria"