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Blondes have more fun
Dear Blondes,
People admire, envy, and make jokes about us, but nobody remains indifferent! Why?
May be Rod Stewart gave the best answer in his song Blonde's have more fun.
The blonde - it is not only a golden color of hair, this is a state of the mind, the lifestyle and philosophy.
Blondes personality ... today associates with:
Jokes; Marilyns phrase: gentlemens prefer blondes; a glamour stars of show business.
But wed better not forget that Blondes can also be presidents, ministers, diplomats, business ladies.
International Blondes Association registered in 2006 under the idea of
"Just make the world better!"

Main directions of activity:
Strengthening spiritual ties between the nations,
The integration of different social networks

Support the development of cultural relations within the European Union for the conservation of national identity

Dear Blondes, the blondes really rule the world today, and true deserve a reward for a blonde curls and unmatched talents. 

With love and respect 

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Olga Uskova
The blonde head of Association