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Blondes parade, Day of Barbie doll, butterflies and dragons

10:00 h.
Street parade
11:00 h.
Day pf dragons and butterflies - Shopping mall Excelsior; Exhibition: drawinbgs: Fairies, who keep the Earth - children from Maritsa Municipality have a share
12:00 h.
13:00 h.
Opening - tape cut; Greeting "Marilyn Monroe"; Opening Barbie doll's exhibition; Cocktail - catering in rose. Extreme experience of blondes with Ivan Christoff
Day of pure life

15:00 h.
Subject health feeding lecture; Place for lead: Balmax, Billa or Metro (It will be specified)
16:30 h.
Competition: How blondes are shopping and feeding - food shopping (health lifestyle)
17:30 h.
Sexolog's lecture, familt planning and sexual health (Shopping mall Excelsior); Copmetition for longest kiss with blonde

Fashion day

17:00 h.
Casting for Blondes ball.
17:30 h.
Teaching in walking-style, make-up and dance lesson. Lessons in make-up - Costadin Litov - Dobo&Capelli; Dancing lessons and walk-style - Vlada Parfenova
18:00 h.
Contest for clothes shopping: "How blondes get dressed and shopping wear"

Blondes ball

19:00 h.
"Sankt Peterburg" Hotel (restaurant)
Dress code: rose, white, red and gold;. Concert and show with alive butterflies; Dinner with the favorite dishes of worldfamous blondes; Madonna's salad, main dish of Pamela Anderson, dessert of Paris Hilton; Announcing winners in Diamond Butterfly in these categories: Financier Blonde, The most successfully Blonde in the politics, Builder Blonde, Blondes 2 in 1, Tourist Blonde, Blonde with chorus, Bla-Bla-Bla-Blonde, Man who knows many jokes for blondes, Blonde - Designer, Blonde with pink car, Mini Blonde of Bulgaria; Tourist agency Philipopolis-tour LLC ensure weekend for two; Beauty studio "Venizi" ensure presents and gifts.