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I swear never to forget
To love Viking men
To love everything with rose color
To keep my hair blond, my skirt short, my legs long, and my eyes blue - like radical fighting weapon of the association
To don't strain my mind, so my hair won't get black
To don't forget my skills from high school and the university
To love eating apples and drinking fruit juice
To learn the schedule form the blondes calendar
To don't forget at least once per day to go shopping and visit my favorite malls: City Center Sofia, Bridal Fashion - Sofia and shopping mall Excelsior - Plovidv
To don't decline men with business card "president"
To don't forget what blondes are doing on the ocean's bottom
To wear my sunglasses on my forehead, so I don't feel darkness and fear
I swear never forget
To tell a lie at least once per day - in the name of the rose color and goodness
To read the holy book of blondes - Eva magazine and Shop
To don't forget for my favorite laser in "Legrano" hospital